We have provided links here to articles, posts and papers that data for evidence based practice in workplace change. The links are ordered in date order (most recent first). If you are aware of other research in this area that is publicly available, please let us know and we’ll include the links here.



6 (evidence based) guidelines for organisational change This is a You Tube presentation of a study originally published in the Journal of Health Organization and Management. The study identified six guiding principles: align vision and action; make incremental changes within a comprehensive transformation strategy; foster distributed leadership; promote staff engagement; create collaborative relationships; and continuously assess and learn from change. The authors claimed that these principles interact with contextual elements such as local power distributions, pre-existing values and beliefs and readiness to engage. They further claimed that mechanisms influencing how these principles sustain cultural change include activation of a shared sense of urgency and fostering flexible levels of engagement.


What’s the evidence for … change management? This is a HR Magazine article where the author tests some assumptions relating to change and questions whether there is evidence that supports the assumptions.


2013 – 2014 Change and Communication ROI Study This is a study from Willis Towers Watson (downloadable from the site). 651 organisations from a broad range of industries participated in the study. They found that most change projects fail to meet their objectives. For effective, sustainable change they recommend a focus on leadership, communication, involvement, training/learning and measurement.

Change Management Needs to Change This is a Harvard Business Review article by Ron Ashkenas that is available on-line. The proposition in the article is that managerial capacity to implement change is underdeveloped.